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At 2 Fish, we carefully screen and select employees that truly want a second chance and are committed to change. We partner with other organizations (i.e., parole offices, halfway houses, placement services, etc.) to pre-screen candidates and provide support services. The foreman are not only experienced in home renovation, but also patient teachers of the hard skills and disciplined coaches of soft skills. 

   Currently 2 Fish Home Renovations screens candidates through 3 programs to identify deserving and “ready to be successful” employees.   The candidates must be young adults recently released from prison.

  • Howard R. Young Correctional Institute - Employment Course: Created and taught by our one of our Directors (Jack Sanders).  The 12 week course taken prior to release helps inmates prepare for the working world.  Numerous outside speakers and advance course work is used to develop skills in finance, accountability, communication and cognitive behavior.  It has been consistently viewed as one of the most useful courses at the prison. 

  • Project New Start, Inc.: The New Start Reentry Program combats violence and reduces recidivism by assisting individuals transitioning out of prison develop positive behaviors and marketable employment skills. New Start is a comprehensive 10 week, 375 hour program focused on cognitive behavioral change, technology training, financial literacy, conflict resolution, team/group dynamics, and strategies for employment success. 93% of program graduates have obtained employment and are contributing, tax-paying citizens.

  • Delaware Center for Justice (Non-Profit) program to help ready inmates for release. This program offers Adult Basic Education, ESL courses, GED courses, and high school diploma courses. Along with these courses, inmates can also learn life skills (such as Moral Reconation Therapy, Interpersonal Skills, Anger & Stress Management, Financial Management and Employment skills), C-Tech Network wiring, Microsoft Word computer skills.

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