About Us

Mission Statement

Provide initial employment and job development opportunities for formerly incarcerated young adults in need of a second chance at life.

Our Vision for 2 Fish 
Create a business model that is self-sustaining (break-even or profit generating) by operating in a higher margin industry and utilizing competitive advantages from the 501c3 non-profit status.  Develop skills for the employees that are valuable long term life skills.  Provide on-the-job training in a highly disciplined environment that results in 2Fish having an impeccable reputation for high quality employees that are sought after in the industry.  Create a business model that is easily replicated in additional communities that have a need for such a program.     
Business Model

   Our business model is “flipping houses”.  Distressed houses in need of renovation will be acquire at large discounts, crews of recently released incarcerated young adults will be trained on the job by experienced foremen to renovate the houses (i.e., painting, decking, tiling, bathroom/kitchen remodeling, cleaning, landscaping,  etc.), partner contractors will be utilized for more skilled projects (i.e., roofing, carpeting, windows/doors, plumbing, electrical, etc.) augmenting their workforce with 2 Fish crews as unskilled labor in training as they are evaluated for future employment. 

   We are convinced that this business model will turn a profit on the houses that are sold and profits will be used to expand the business and provide trade school scholarships for deserving employees.  The house flipping business is very profitable if great care is used to buy highly discounted houses.  Our 501c3 status offers advantages in tax treatment and material donations to improve the bottom line.  Volunteer labor will also greatly help the profitability. A big advantage to this business model is that the skills acquired by our associates during the renovation process prepare them for a successful career in a high paying industry.